Our Services


An add on contactsinromania.com

The easiest way to get in contact with new contacts is to place an add. You contact us by contactsinromania.com and we will help you to produce an add according to your needs. When you have approved you add, we mail you a bill of 60 Euro and when the bill is paid you can see your add in contactsinromania.com


Finding a customer for real estate:

As Romainia is a quite new market, regarding real estate in Sweden, we will help you to search for customer, by contacting companies that are in use of certain projects, we take a commission when the property is sold.


Samples service:

Our storehouse of 3 500m2 in the heart of Sweden, 100 km from Gothenburg has a department wich can handle samples/products for you. You don’t have to send samples or take care of the first part of a deal. We will invite the interested company to come to us and we will show your items. If interest comes up we will forward the customer to you. The store house you will see in bredolcity.com


Financial service:

We can help smaller companies financially, as many customers has god company and ideas but no money. We can then be a part of business and see for that all involved parts get their fair chere. We are fast and known for being eficiant regarding this type of deals.


Crew rentals:

Sweden needs workers with skills. If your company has welders, carpenters and other skilld crew, we will help you to find companies in use of them. We DO NOT, run a rental company. The crow will be rented out from you directly to the final customer. We will charge you 30 Euro/month per man/woman that your company deliver. Yes this deal is built on thrust, but we hope that our service is so good that you enjoy to pay for it… We can also help your company to provide places wher your crew can live during the time spending in Sweden. Let us help you!!! We are now looking for teams of three/for persons able to take care of renovation of small houses out on the country side.


Approved of the Swedish state:

Thera are products mostley food that needs certain documents to be lowed to be sold in Sweden. We can help you to solve that.

This list can be long, but we aim to be your partner in help for succesfull business in Sweden and Romania.