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One does not build Rome in a day!


Dear Sir/Mrs

Our page contactsinromania.com is under construction and now we have reached the stage where we are closing the final touch. Most of you have been in contact with our partner Valeriu Stoica and he has explained the purpose of our page.

Now we need material to put in our page, because that we have to refine the page in purpose to make it work and of course to make it easy to handle for users and our crew. For that we need like 50 Romanian companies to send material about your company, products and services. With that information, we will produce an add that promote your company in Sweden. That service is for free and will not be published before you have approved our production. Your presentation will be for free in three month after the page is official, and we have no expectations of your further cooperation but of course you are welcome to stay as a paying customer.

When the page is official, we will promote it to Swedish customers by telephone, newspapers and by the internet, we also have a good cooperation with both Romanian and Swedish authorities.

If you have questions please feel welcome to ask, this will be a huge help for us to be able to make the perfect tool for companies in our countries.

Please send us photos and suitable material to: Click here, fill the form, click on the button: Send message. Send fotos or pictures in same time to: [javascript protected email address]

Best regards!
Anders Ericsson
Marketing Manager
Byggstål Trollhättan AB
+ 46 728 388 550