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Established in 2004 as a Swedish - Romanian private company, DATSA TEXTIL 
is located in Buzau - Romania, an area with long traditions in the knitwear industry.

Starting with December 2014, it is a 100% Romanian owned company.

Our company is specialised in manufacturing flat knitted fashion products (classical and modern), both for women and men.

DATSA is organised so that it can provide its customers with finished products, from design to delivery.

We pay attention to every detail of the products, this is why we take care of the entire production chain: designing the knitting structures, making the patterns, sampling, raw materials and accessories supply, knitting and sewing the products, finishing, washing, quality control, transport.

We respect ourselves, we respect our employees and we respect our customers. We organise the production so that even in the busiest periods to meet the deadlines.

Our customer's satisfaction comes first!

7, Bazalt St, 120167 Buzau, Romania
Tel: +40.238.725.659  E-mail: office@datsa.ro   www.datsa.ro